Ultimate Therm-R-Foam

Ultimate Therm-R-Foam

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Thermally Reflective, Fusible Batting Alternative

Pot holders, oven mitts, and casserole covers are all very popular projects made functional and safe with Bosal's Ultimate Therm-R-Foam.

Therm-R-Foam consists of dense, polyester foam with fusible fabric laminated on one side and heat reflective, metallized film on the other side. The foam material is breathable, won’t break down with washing, and provides insulating value.  The metallized film reflects radiant energy, hot or cold, back to its source.

18" x 52" package

Perfect for:

  • Wine Totes !
  • Casserole Carriers !
  • Lunch Bags !
  • Can Koozies !
  • Window Quilts !
  • ...and much much more !!