Heat Moldable Plus

Heat Moldable Plus

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Revolutionary and truly inspirational, Bosal's Heat Moldable Plus will redefine what you can create with a stiff, non-woven stabilizer.  Heat Moldable Plus feels like a typical stiff, handbag stabilizer which you can currently find on the market.  However, the revolutionary formula allows you to heat the material and mold it into any shape imaginable.  Heat Moldable Plus is also double-sided fusible to save you time.

Product size: 20" x 36"

We recommend the Schmetz Sharp/Microtex size 14-90 needles when using Heat Moldable Plus in your projects, like any of the Poorhouse Quilt Designs "moldable" patterns.

***Note: Heat Moldable Plus is not the correct interfacing for the Tabletop Tannenbaum project.  Moldable Batting is used to make the Tannenbaum project.***

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