Snow Crystal Wreath Recipe

Kristine Poor

Just by adding a few more ingredients to our Fold'n Stitch Wreath, namely appliques and some pearl beads, we have created a whole new "recipe" for this ethereal table confection!

How did we do it? Let's start off with what we used for fabric choices: 

  •  Front and crystal appliques - White on White Snowflake 
  • Back - Gray and White Snowflake 
  • Applique - Gray and silver dot 

You can use other colors but be sure to use white for the front and for the crystal appliques. We used the Fold'n Stitch Wreath pattern as well as the Bosal Foam Squares to create the wreath. Here's the key: the fabric you choose for the Applique should contrast with white.

Follow cutting and assembling your wreath using the pattern through step 8 on page 2. Before you stitch, you will want to add the crystal appliques. 

Click here to grab the pdf that tells you how to cut the diamond shaped crystal appliques from strips - it's very easy! 

You will need 24 crystal applique shapes. Once your crystals are cut, let's look at what we did!

First, lay your diamond shaped crystals on two opposite corners and fuse down following the manufacturer's instructions; draw a line through the centers from corner to corner with a temporary marker as shown above.

Next, draw 2 more lines parallel to the first that also intersect with the outermost corners of the crystal appliques.

Last, you will have some stitching fun! 

  • I use a walking foot here. 
  • Straight stitch through the 3 straight lines that you marked. 
  • (Optional) Add another straight line on either side of the original set. I used the width of my presser foot to space over. 
  •  Zig-zag the large square applique with thread that matches the applique. 
  • Zig-zag the 2 small crystal appliques with thread that matches the applique. 
  • Add decorative stitching to "connect" the 2 crystals. 

 Now you can go back to the pattern where you left off and finish the wreath!

As you can see from the photo above, we stitched the corners together with pearl beads, and added 3 beads on the inner crystals and just one at the outer crystal. Bling it up as much as you want - the objective is to have fun! I hope you will try this!

Stitch up a storm today!


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