Working with Fusible Sided Foam

Stina Stitcher

Working with Bosal's In-R-Form Double and Single Sided Foam products is easy... here are a few tips to help you.

Know which side is fusible – if you are using the single sided fusible, look for the side that has a slight sheen. This is the fusible side. The opposite side (not fusible) feels more like suede – it’s a spun lace that is applied which helps the fabric grip the surface.


Lightly mist with water - Place the fabric OVER the fusible side and position as needed. Lightly mist with water.


Fuse the fabric and foam - Set your iron to the cotton setting. Apply the iron to the fabric and fuse the foam in place for approximately 6 seconds.
If you are using double sided fusible foam, place the foam on top of a Teflon sheet (or parchment paper) to protect your ironing surface.
Always press down (slight pressure) and hold; don’t iron back and forth while fusing.


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