A Bouquet for Mom and a super gift

What a cute bouquet and you will not believe how easy this is to do!

If you would like to use some of your scraps for a fun arrangement - start with our pattern, Sunflower Nesting Bowls.

The pattern uses Bosal Foam and Fiber’s Moldable batting – so much fun to work with – it shrinks when you heat it!

I made 5 small blooms – I used the small size flower in the pattern. I completely finished them and texturized them as described in the pattern, except I left them a bit flatter than the bowl.

  • Purchase a very inexpensive artificial bouquet – why? The stems and leaves are there for you and all you have to do is perform some surgery on them to make a fun gift!
  • Disassemble the stems by popping the flower head off. Separate the stem and the receptacle.
  • Glue the receptacle to the back of your flower and hot glue in place.

Now hot glue the stem back in and you are good to go!

How many bouquets are you going to make? Have fun with your scraps!.

Keep on stitchin!


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