Fold'n Stitch Wreath Mods: Cutting Corners

Kristine Poor

Welcome to our series called “Wreath Mods”! We are taking the Fold’n Stitch Wreath and applying some simple changes (modifications hence “Wreath Mods”)! Every month we will show you a new mod; think of it as a fresh spin on your old favorite!


What do you need for the Cutting Corners wreath? You will need the original Fold’n Stitch Wreath pattern, a package of Bosal pre-cut foam squares, fabric and fusible web (see the supply list on the pattern). And, your creativity, of course!

Fabric Choices

Using the pattern as a guide, I chose to use the same fabric (white) for the front and the back fabric. For the applique, I chose a red and white print. The simple red and white combination really allows the shape of the modified wreath to shine.

The "Mod"

When making changes to any pattern, it’s better to start with a single change, rather than making multiple changes at once. One change means the result is predictable.

As the name implies, we are cutting corners! We will cut one corner from the foam squares. And because we cut one corner from the foam, we’ll need to do it to the appliques.

It’s easy - let’s dig into this!

  • Cut everything out according to the pattern. You will cut your fronts, your backs and your appliques (and your foam if you are cutting by hand).
  • Take your foam squares and cut ONE corner off from 1” to 1” diagonally as shown. Cut one corner from all 12 foam squares. DO NOT cut all of the corners of one foam shape!!

  • Now take your applique squares and cut ONE corner off from 3/4” to 3/4”, just like you did with the foam. Cut one corner from all of the applique squares.

Get Sewing

As in the pattern, you will cover the foam shapes and stitch the applique on top.

TIP: Start the applique stitching opposite the “clipped” corner. That way the stitches where you start and end will overlap and any messy bobbin thread will face the wall or the tabletop!

I used a blanket stitch for this wreath - you could also try decorative stitches for a fun look. After you finish covering the shapes, you will assemble the wreath just as you did in the pattern.


Click here to see the Fold’n Stitch Wreath Tutorial


Fun Fresh Wreath

Finish During the assembly of the wreath, use the template provided with the pattern as is. The key is to position the cut off corner as the "Outer Point" on the template. 

I love how quick and easy this change is! I think it really jazzed up the Fold’n Stitch Wreath - I can see this wreath done in spring colors!

So next time you want to make up a wreath, remember our Wreath Mods, and make one simple change!

Have fun! -Kris

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