Fold'n Stitch Wreath Mod Curves Ahead

Kristine Poor

Once again, we are exploring “Wreath Mods”! We are taking the Fold’n Stitch Wreath and applying some simple changes (modifications hence “Wreath Mods”)! Every month we will show you a new mod; think of it as a fresh spin on your old favorite! This month, we are adding a soft curve to our squares!


Gather up what you’ll need for the February curved wreath! You will need the original Fold’n Stitch Wreath pattern, a package of foam squares, fabric and fusible web (see the supply list on the pattern).

Fabric Choices

I chose a large-ish floral for the back fabric, a white and black for the front, and a black on black print for the applique. These fabrics are from the Piece of Cake line by QT Fabrics (designed by Sheree Burlington).

The Mod

This modification is really simple; take the foam squares and the applique squares and round one corner. That’s it!

Click here for the link to the template to round your corners. 

Print out the template and use it as is, or tape it to an index card, as you can see in the top pic below. This just gives your template a bit more stiffness.

  • Cut everything out according to the pattern. You will cut your fronts, your backs and your appliques and your foam if you are cutting by hand.
  • Take your foam squares and round ONE corner as shown below. Round one corner from all 12 foam squares.
  • Now take your applique squares and round one corner just as you did with the foam. You will need a rounded corner on all 12 appliques.

Now, sew the wreath together, following the pattern instructions!

As in the pattern, you will cover the foam shapes and stitch the applique on top.

I chose a coral thread for the top and the bottom thread. I wanted the contrast of the coral with the black and white to show.

I used a blanket stitch for this wreath - you could also try decorative stitches for a fun look. After you finish covering the shapes, you will assemble the wreath just as you did in the pattern.

This is just a subtle change really softens the look of the Fold’n Stitch Wreath!

So next time you want to make up a wreath, remember our Wreath Mods, and make one simple change!


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