PQD Files: Turn Dash Quilt

Kristine Poor

Our pattern collection at Poorhouse Quilt Designs is varied; we go from bags to baskets to wreaths, etc! Today, I thought I’d get into the wayback machine to have a look at the Turn Dash Quilt!

A Classic

What makes this quilt a classic?

  1. Easy to choose fabrics from a collection or from your stash,
  2. Can look traditional or modern,
  3. Goes together quickly.
Let's start with some "classics" made by my mom, Jean! I love that classic combination of red and white.

Or, I might love that classic combo of blue and white!

Choosing Fabric 

This pattern supply list starts with a focus fabric. Then you’ll choose coordinating fat quarters, which you will use for the center squares or the bars. And of course, a background. Choose 7, 9 or 11 fat quarters depending on the size you need and then you’ll get going.

Next, choose the background - I love the version of the quilt below with a black background. We used it as a tablecloth at retail shows, to get quilters to stop and look! This photo is from Maine Quilts in 2016!

Traditional or Modern

This quilt design can be done in any fabric style. Take a look below at these “virtual quilts”. The first one is a baby quilt done in 30s fabrics.

The next one, just solids for a modern look. Different looks, same pattern!

Quick and Easy Assembly

There are no special tools or rulers required for the Turn Dash quilt. We feature oversize HST units that are cut to size as well as some simple strip piecing. Attach the zigzag border or leave it off. It’s all up to you!

We think you’ll like this quilt - perfect for your next baby shower, or just a throw for your couch. Come to think of it, I might need a new quilt for our couch... stay tuned!

Until next time, keep on quilting!


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